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In early 2017, I started a journey around the United States that was not supposed to change my life.  Initially, the plan was to fill some of my time. I was between relationships, struggling with the large-city-smaller-city life-style, and frustrated with the entertainment business - my major source of income for over thirty years.  I decided to learn about my great great grandfather, a Civil War officer. As part of that exploration, I would take photos of the places, people, and events he was a part of. But what started as a stop-gap from depression, this family research project turned into something else. I saw America's majestic beauty, like me, also struggling with stories of confusion, growth, politics, economics, isolation and power.  What began as a quest for understanding my family turned into an unexpected expression and recognition of a hidden talent. So a new career began.


I offer my images as fine art prints (Giclée) in large format, either as artist proofs or as part of a series.  Please contact me directly here for pricing and logistics as my prints are done in Bangkok, Thailand at this time.

Thank you.


AWA at Media & Art                       
Seoul, South Korea  

NOVEMBER 2021 - MAY 2022

AWA: The Exhibition                        
London, England  

DECEMBER 8, 2023 - JANUARY 5, 2024

Wes Anderson Too Much Landscape     
Tokyo, Japan  

APRIL 5, 2023 - MAY 26, 2023

AWA: The Exhibition                        
Los Angeles, California USA  

MAY 15, 2024 - JUNE 30, 2024


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